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Fig Leaf Forum no longer maintains a postal mail address. If you would like to send something by regular mail, please contact the editor for an address. Do not send mail to the postal address found in back issues or elsewhere.

A Message To Critics

"'Come now, let us reason together,' says the LORD" (Isaiah 1.18).

We understand that social nudism has its critics. If you're one of them and are thinking about contacting Fig Leaf Forum, please be mindful of the fact that people simply cannot "reason together" without two-way dialogue in which information and opinions are freely exchanged. If you're willing to engage in reasonable dialogue about the facts concerning social nudism and how they relate to the truth of Scripture, then we're certainly open to hearing from you. Our responses will be civil, rational, informative and fully in keeping with the spirit of Ephesians 4.29-32.

If, on the other hand, you're not open to dialogue and only want to stone us with your criticism and condemnation and then run away, please don't bother writing. Your unhelpful letters will be discarded without reply.

The editor

No Response?

Have you sent e-mail to Fig Leaf Forum and never received a response?

Fig Leaf Forum responds to all serious inquiries. If you've sent a message and have not received a timely response, there may be technical issues that are preventing your mail from reaching Fig Leaf Forum (or preventing Fig Leaf Forum's mail from reaching you). It's suggested that you send a follow-up message, preferably from an alternate e-mail address if you have one available to you.

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