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There's plenty of material to read in the public pages of this Web site. Just follow the links on the right for easy access. Here's what you'll find:

Tract. This little Christian nudist/naturist tract offers a brief explanation of what social nudism is, a brief explanation of why Christians would wish to participate in it, a brief discussion of the Bible and nakedness, and a brief dispelling of common nudist myths and misconceptions. It concludes by directing the reader to a credible source for additional information.

Sample Articles. A vast amount of informative and thought-provoking articles, fiction, poetry, testimonies of faith, accounts of interesting experiences, letters to the editor and other material has appeared in Fig Leaf Forum's periodicals over the years. Read a small sampling of early articles as well as the very first issue of Fig Leaf Forum in its entirety.

A Debate. A public debate about social nudism between the editor of Fig Leaf Forum and a Texas preacher was published in May, 2000. You can read the complete text of that debate.

Post-Debate Material. Many related articles and letters were published in Fig Leaf Forum and on the Internet after the formal six-part debate about social nudism appeared. Read a sampling of that material.

Good News. As a Christian nudist, I declare that I am not ashamed of my nakedness. More importantly, I declare that I'm not ashamed of the Gospel.

Notices. Read this Web site's copyright notice, disclaimer and privacy statement.

Want more?

There's more material to read on this Web site that's available exclusively to those who request access to Fig Leaf Forum's archives a whole lot more, in fact, including all the newsletter back issues. Why not sign up today and have a look. It's free!
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