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Fig Leaf Forum has been serving Bible-believing Christian nudists and Christian naturists for more than twenty years. If this is your first time visiting us, welcome! We're a large community of believers with readers located all over the world. Here's a map (updated January 1, 2021) showing where a lot of us live in North America (click the map for a larger view). More than 2,000 households worldwide are currently registered to access Fig Leaf Forum's immense archive. A red square denotes one household at that location. A yellow square denotes multiple households at the location.

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If you're not a Christian nudist, then our way of living probably seems pretty strange to you, and perhaps even shocking. That's understandable. Social nudism is unlike anything most people are familiar with in today's culture. Christians who are experienced nudists will assure you quite honestly that family-oriented social nudism truly is wholesome, beneficial and most importantly compatible with the Bible. Chaste social nudism, like a lot of other good things in life, really does need to be experienced in order to be fully understood and appreciated. Read our tract for a quick synopsis.

Legitimate, family-oriented social nudism/naturism has always been non-sexual in both philosophy and practice. Fig Leaf Forum affirms and upholds that tradition. It takes an unequivocal stand against pornography and other sexualized nakedness in the media.

Fig Leaf Forum recognizes the role of Christian nudists and Christian naturists as "salt and light" within the larger social nudist/naturist community. It encourages readers to uphold and preserve high moral values within social nudist environments and, whenever appropriate opportunities present themselves, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with fellow naturists willing to receive it.

Mission, Vision And Values

Mission. Fig Leaf Forum's primary mission has been to serve Christian nudists and Christian naturists through its publishing ministry.

Vision. Fig Leaf Forum's vision is to see simple voluntary nakedness reverenced as a God-created reflection of His image and likeness, and to see such nakedness redeemed from disparagement, abuse and exploitation.

Values. Fig Leaf Forum encourages and promotes conduct of the highest moral character. Four ideals are advanced as a minimal basis for Christian nudist/naturist behavior:


Fig Leaf Forum's newsletter debuted as a printed publication when Issue One was mailed in November, 1994. Fig Leaf Forum's fellowship service began in May, 1995. E-mail editions of the newsletter debuted in July, 1996. This Web site was launched in April, 1999. All active publishing and fellowship service operations ended on July 1, 2014. More than 700 newsletters are archived on this Web site and are freely available to anyone who asks for access. Over the years, Fig Leaf Forum has been nicely noticed by the Associated Press, Columbia News Service, Wall Street Journal and Time magazine.


The fig leaf in Fig Leaf Forum's distinctive logo does not represent all clothing. It's a common misconception that social nudists are somehow "against" clothes. They're not. Nudists and naturists have a maxim which states, "Unclothed when possible, clothed when practical." Clothing intended for physical protection and other practical purposes was and is a gift from God. Clothing intended only to conceal the body because of misplaced shame or fear, on the other hand, directly corresponds to the fig leaves of Adam and Eve, who willfully and sinfully covered the nakedness which God Himself had created and declared "very good."

The "cross over fig leaf" logo is a trademark (TM) of Fig Leaf Forum and may not be reproduced without permission.

Web Site

Fig Leaf Forum's Web site is plain and simple by design. You won't encounter annoying pop-up or pop-under windows, banner ads or other paid advertising, background music, elaborate animations or content that requires the latest browser or browser plug-in to view. What you will find here, it's hoped, is a Web site that's fast loading, simple to navigate, easy to read, printer-friendly and above all informative.

Editor And Publisher

Editor and publisher John Kundert has been a Christian since 1981. He and his wife have been social nudists since 1988. John began thinking about starting a newsletter for Christian nudists in early 1994. He founded Fig Leaf Forum later that year and published the first of what would be more than 700 newsletters on November 12, 1994. In addition to his two decades of active publishing, John also had a leadership role in helping to found Naturist Legacy Inc. and develop Naturist Legacy Park, a landed nudist park in Manitoba, Canada. He was the organization's first president and served in that position in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Learn more about John's contributions to Naturist Legacy Inc. and Naturist Legacy Park.

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