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Debate Introduction

In June of 1996, an article entitled "Does God Approve Of My Sin?" appeared in a magazine published by a church of Christ in Texas. The article accused Christians who participate in social nudism/naturism of committing sin. The editor of Fig Leaf Forum was mentioned in the article and eventually discovered it on the Internet. He wrote a letter to the church and asked for Biblical substantiation of the accusation of sin made against Christian nudists and naturists. The church's preacher, in turn, suggested (and later insisted) that he and Fig Leaf Forum's editor engage in a debate with this as the proposition: "Social nudism is condemned by the Bible as sinful." The complete text of that debate (originally published in May, 2000) can be accessed by following the debate links on the right.

This debate (along with an additional Rejoinder by the preacher) was also available on the church's Web site for more than one year. It has since been removed from their site.

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