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Privacy Statement


Fig Leaf Forum values its relationship with all who contact us. We do not sell, rent or trade names, addresses or any other personal information provided to us.

Confidentiality. All letters written to the editor of Fig Leaf Forum prior to July 1, 2014 were considered publishable unless otherwise requested. All letters written to the editor after that date are considered confidential and will not be published.

Discussion Board. Fig Leaf Forum makes a discussion board available for use by those who have signed up for archive access. Users are reminded that whatever they post in these areas becomes public information. Caution should always be exercised when deciding to disclose personal information.

Security. Extensive precautions are employed by Fig Leaf Forum to protect personal information provided to us. It should be understood, however, that no organization no matter how well-meaning or technologically advanced can completely secure information against the possibility of unintended release, loss or alteration due to human error, software malfunction or external threat.

Outside Organizations. Outside organizations that provide services utilized by Fig Leaf Forum  (like PayPal) are governed by their own respective privacy policies.

Spam Advisory

If you have received unsolicited e-mail that you believe has come from Fig Leaf Forum, please be aware that Fig Leaf Forum DID NOT send that mail to you. Unknown spammers have in the past forged a variety of Fig Leaf Forum return addresses and used them to mail junk messages all over the world. Fig Leaf Forum is as much a victim of these spammers as you are.

You will not receive any mail from Fig Leaf Forum unless you write to us first (to request a passcode, ask a question or make a donation, for example). Fig Leaf Forum NEVER sends unsolicited e-mail (spam).

Fig Leaf Forum values its relationship with all who contact us. Fig Leaf Forum DOES NOT sell, rent or trade names and addresses provided to us. EVER.

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