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Fig Leaf Forum has been serving Bible-believing Christian nudists/naturists for more than twenty years. If this is your first time visiting us, welcome! We're a large community of believers with readers located all over the world. Here's a map showing where a lot of us live in North America (click the map for a larger view).

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If you're not a Christian nudist, then our way of living probably seems pretty strange to you, and perhaps even shocking. That's understandable. Social nudism is unlike anything most people are familiar with in today's culture. Christians who are experienced nudists will assure you quite honestly that family-oriented social nudism truly is wholesome, beneficial and -- most importantly -- compatible with the Bible. Chaste social nudism, like a lot of other good things in life, really does need to be experienced in order to be fully understood and appreciated.

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Fig Leaf Forum's newsletters contain an assortment of material including thought-provoking and in-depth articles, testimonies of faith, accounts of interesting experiences, fiction, poetry, excerpts from books, magazines, newspapers, Web sites, e-mail lists and message boards, letters to the editor...and so much more. Fig Leaf Forum is always on topic!
Fig Leaf Forum has done much to reconcile my Christian faith with the enjoyment I derive from simply being in the nude, both at home and with others in appropriate social settings. I thank you sincerely for the insight you have provided in the matter of Christian-based nudism. (Martin, USA)
Even though Fig Leaf Forum is no longer published, free access to our massive collection of back issues (more than 700 in all) is available to anyone who asks for it. Almost none of this material is time-sensitive so it's as relevant and useful today as when it was first published. That's why Fig Leaf Forum back issues are such a valuable source of information and opinion about Christian participation in social nudism/naturism.
Thank you for Fig Leaf Forum! Your work is monumental! Thanks for your bright thinking about nudity and faith. Moreover, I looked at the archive and it's wonderful, abounding! (Francis, FRANCE)

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Fig Leaf Forum values its relationship with all who contact us. We do not sell, rent or trade names, addresses or any other personal information provided to us. We do not send unsolicited e-mail. Please see Fig Leaf Forum's Privacy Statement for more details.


About the map. Red markers on the map show the known locations of Fig Leaf Forum readers in North America. Yellow markers indicate multiple readers residing in the same city or area. Click the map for a much larger, more detailed view.

This map was last updated on December 06, 2014.

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